New to podcasts? Make a simple podcast in your browser or on your phone using Anchor: https://anchor.fm . Using Anchor will get you used to the basics, then you can go on to making podcasts within a Digital Audio Workstation. Remember, being a Local 107.3 FM SWC member gets you access to all Local FM equipment including microphones, computers, and software such as Adobe Audition.

Already understand the basics of editing audio? Check out this podcasting guide: https://blog.bufferapp.com/podcasting-for-beginners


Podcasts to listen to

Liar City – People throughout history have told tonnes of lies, these two hosts figure out what the truth really was. This podcast is a great example of good chemistry and dialogue. By the way, there hasn’t been a new episode uploaded in forever 🙁.


Serial – Investigative journalism at its finest. Great editing – clips fade in and out with dialogue perfectly.


The Adventure Zone – A Dungeons and Dragons podcast with cool music, effects, and homegrown in-memes!


Welcome to Night Vale – A podcast where a narrator tells you about the strange happenings in the fictional town of Night Vale. Very weird but also easy to listen to. Good use of crafted lore, and sense of place.


The TED Interview – An interview show with interesting people from all around the world!





Experimental audio, soundscapes, & creating sound

Try watching these videos to get an idea for a spoken word related project, or to improve a current project. Understanding how to craft sound can help you add ambiance to a radio documentary, energy to a radio drama or comedic value to a podcast.

Soundscape with prose:



Radio drama with crafted sound/sound effects (start at 13:54)

Writing radio dramas and audio theatre:

Writing for Audio Theatre: The Basics by Roger Gregg



So you wanna create a radio drama? from Radio Drama Revival

So You Wanna Create a Radio Drama?