Greetings SWC members,

Thank you so much for coming out to the Spoken Word Collective Open House. For those of you who are already Local FM members, nice to see you again! For those who are new to Local FM, thanks for wanting to be a part of our community! Remember that those who have not undergone Local FM membership training are required to do so to participate. Be sure to reach out to to schedule a membership training session, or full radio training if you’d like to be on air or have a show!



Interviewing 101 Workshop with Huddle’s Cherise Letson
Be sure to come on out to the Whitebone Lounge in UNBSJ’s Student Centre on Nov. 26th for our very first workshop! This workshop is open to the public so be sure to bring a friend who you think may benefit from interviewing! There will also be more information about the copyright and content creation workshop in the coming weeks.

Facebook event page:

Spoken Word Collective ONLINE!
As mentioned at the meeting, there are a lot of cool things to check out online if you’re a SWC member. First, we have the Spoken Word Collective Hangout Hub, which is a closed Facebook group that you can find by clicking here. The Spoken Word Collective website, which hosts an abundance of spoken word related resources, can be found by clicking here.

Finally, the Spoken Word Collective fan page, which will share announcements for upcoming events, can be found by clicking here. You can tag this page on Facebook by simply typing @LocalFMSWC.

Proposed projects
(please note that collective members are encouraged to interact with one another on a variety of projects, it is not necessary for the collective to work on a single item at a time!)

During the open house, Glen was nice enough to make some notes based on what projects you all seemed interested in. We’ve boiled it down to this:

> Creative/Entertainment Driven
Regular Radio Plays
Hosting comedy shows in town & sketch comedy programs
Experimental Storytelling via multiple media platforms
Poetry readings
Book Club/Book Share/Collaborative writing & recording projects

> Factual/Information Driven
Critical evaluations of Telegraph Journal editorials for air
Coupled with more resources for news/social justice programming.
Phone-in interview programs – a new talk of the town
Micro-seminar sessions with members sharing something they feel passionate about in 5 minutes. Talk about your cat, favorite food, or hobbies

I believe that the best idea moving forward is for all members to email me back with what they are interested in. After that, I will be able to send separate emails to groups of individuals with similar tastes to get things moving!

For critical evaluation of Telegraph-Journal editorials, staff has come up with some ideas on how we can get this project moving in an organic manner. We’ve proposed that a possibility would be to have these criticisms in PSA format, in order to avoid members creating criticism for the sake of a deadline. This way these criticisms can be recorded at any time, and can build up over time. However, this is simply a suggestion, and I’d love for those who are interested in this project to talk amongst themselves on what they think is best.

As for Radio Dramas/Plays, Local FM member Mark O’Connor is already hard at work this week recruiting members to perform in a sci-fi radio drama. It’s very exciting stuff, so feel free to email me if you’re interested and I can put you in contact with Mark.

Finally, it was also mentioned to me that some members would like to create a sci-fi subgroup. Those who would like this to become a reality, let me know!

Thank you so much for your interest in Local FM’s Spoken Word Collective. I can’t wait to collaborate with all of you! In the meantime, be sure to check out the attached one-sheet for more information, and everything you need to know about the collective! Questions? Reach me any time at


Local 107.3 FM and its members would like to thank the Canadian Radio Fund of Canada for their support in helping create new local content and supporting new projects. Without the CRFC’s support, Local FM’s Spoken Word Collective would not be possible.



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